Family Stories

Kelsey & Ricardo

“Our family is now complete with the addition of Axl.”
Seattle, WA
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Kelsey & Nick

“Going through this process we were nervous about the mother changing her mind. The first time we spent time with Danielle, all of our concerns subsided.”
Iowa City, IA
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Annie & Joel

“Graceful Adoptions took interest in us personally. We weren’t just another couple on a list. With an outcome that mattered so much to us, it was reassuring to feel heard by the people that would help us become parents.”
Ames, IA
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Stephany & Mike

“Graceful Adoptions answered all of our questions honestly and with full transparency.”
Ames, IA
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Jennifer & Nate

“Finding the right adoption agency isn’t an easy decision. We wanted an agency that would stand beside us through every step and be there for us throughout the adoption process. It turns out everything we wanted was waiting for us at Graceful Adoptions.”
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Molly & Chad

“We were ready to be parents. We knew the right child would find us and as it turned out, he was three years old when he joined our family.”
Ankeny, IA
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Kristin & Steven

“We were more than a name or a family to Graceful Adoptions, they cared about us.”
Lexington, KY
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Lindsay & Ben

“For our second adoption, we choose to work with Graceful Adoptions. They were very open and honest with us and took the time to connect on a personal level. We also loved that our birth mother had the same type of relationship with them and was always heard when she needed something.”
Northern Virginia
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Sara & Ken

“After losing our daughter at 20 weeks, we knew that we wanted to adopt. That led us to Graceful Adoptions which led us to our amazing son, a smart and energetic three year old.”
Des Moines, IA
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Sarah & Tyler

“Everything in life worth having, is worth waiting for! We’re living proof!”
Marian County, IA
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Karl & Britt

“It was amazing how everything fell into place. From our first call to our adoption agency to meeting the mother and gaining approval to travel home with our son, our experience was surreal.”
Mandan, ND
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Jess & Matt

“Graceful Adoptions wasn’t the first adoption agency we reached out to, but they are the adoption agency we chose. Our adoption process took about three months with Graceful Adoptions.”
Marion, IA
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Danielle & Cory

“Just six months after our Family Profile was complete, we were on our way home with our daughter. Our lives have forever changed and grown.”
Carlisle, IA
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Brooke & Adam

“When we started the adoption process our focus was on a child. We never imagined the experience would be bigger and better than that. What we found was an experience filled with people who we genuinely cared about and who truly cared about us.”
Greensburg, KY
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Nicole & Josh

“Right now you don’t know me and might not understand why you’re reading this but maybe you’re reading this because someone thought this would speak to you somehow. I wanted to share part of my story with you. I sincerely pray God uses it to give you something that you need.”
Chattanooga, TN
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Daniel & Alicia

“Every baby matters to Graceful Adoptions. Every mother and father matters to them. Every adoptive parent matters. They will treat you with the upmost respect in a personable and professional manner. You will not be disappointed if you choose Graceful Adoptions”
Independence, KY
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Julie & Jeff

“I was convinced that we should use Graceful Adoptions after my first phone call with them. It was an easy phone call – I didn’t feel like they were on auto-pilot with their answers. It was like talking to a friend and that never changed throughout the process. Jeff liked the simplicity of the fee schedule and the fact that it was a flat fee. We connected on a personal level with their philosophy and wanted to be a part of what seemed like a family. We used Graceful Adoptions for our first adoption and are now working with them again.”
Lexington, KY
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Tim & Terri

“Graceful Adoptions was not only our adoption agency, but our friends. we will always remember how they loved us and supported us on this wonderful journey in life called adoption.”
Goodlettsville, TN
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Sarah & Nate

“We had lots of concerns about the adoption process before we got started. That’s probably why it took us so long to head down that path. Graceful Adoptions really helped us. The staff cares about the individuals in the process, as people, not just as clients. You can be honest and 100% yourself when dealing with them, that includes sharing your doubts, hopes and reality.”
Frankfurt, KY
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Kelley & Chris

“Thank you so much for all of your hard work and assistance. We truly appreciate your care and compassion throughout this process. The professionalism we have encountered has been so comforting!”
Waynesburg, PA
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