Traditional adoption support is just the beginning.

We don’t judge you. Instead, we offer help and support at every turn.

At Graceful Adoptions we’re real people – easy to laugh and cry with. We are more like friends who help you sort through all the noise that’s going on around you while providing you the support you need. And all of the support we provide is absolutely free.

Our commitment is simple – everything we do starts with you.

We give you the personal attention you deserve. At Graceful Adoptions, we believe you should make all of the decisions that matter about your adoption plan. It’s your child it should be your choice.

You choose the parents you want to raise your child. At Graceful Adoptions we only show you the families that meet your preferences

You choose the type of relationship you want following placement. You decide what you want and then we find parents who will provide the communications and openness you want.

You choose from pre-screened and pre-approved adoptive families. And you can take as much time as you need to choose the family.

You interview adoptive families BEFORE a match is made. This gives you the chance to get to know possible parents on a more personal level. If you want multiple conversations with a family, or if you want to interview more than one family, that’s perfectly fine.

You meet the family in person BEFORE the baby is born. This meeting is usually over a couple of days so you have enough time to get to know them. You may have breakfast, lunch and dinner together, grab a cup of coffee, or get manicures or pedicures.

You choose your hospital experience. At Graceful Adoptions we wouldn’t dream of taking the child immediately after birth. You make all the decisions about your hospital stay, including who will care for the child at the hospital.

“Graceful Adoptions is more like a family. They are built on relationships and build special connections between birth and adoptive families.”

Not all adoptive parents are created equal.

That’s why our screening process leaves nothing to chance.

Our screening process involves:

  • Federal criminal background checks (Adoptive parents are fingerprinted and checked against the FBI database)
  • State criminal background checks
  • Sex offender registry checks
  • Child Abuse background checks
  • Number and years of marriage
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We also require:

  • A letter from the family’s doctor stating they are free of any medical, mental or emotional condition that would affect their ability to parent
  • Proof of life and health insurance
  • Proof of employment
  • Proof they are financially stable

In addition, personal interviews are conducted:

  • Their home is visited to ensure it is safe and offers adequate room for a child
  • Their emotional stability is reviewed including their marital history and assessment of their marital relationship
  • We discuss their (and their extended families’) attitude towards adoption
  • Discipline methods are reviewed and discussed
  • We review their ability to provide for the child’s physical and emotional needs
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Our support goes beyond the expected.

Our traditional support includes:

Medical Coverage

If you don’t have medical insurance, we will help you obtain medical coverage or Medicaid.

Prenatal Prescriptions

If you don’t have them, we make sure you get prenatal vitamins and other prescriptions you need to maintain a healthy pregnancy.


If allowed by the state laws governing the adoption, we help pay for your rent and utilities.

Living Expenses

If allowed by the state laws governing the adoption, we provide assistance with pregnancy-related expenses such as food, clothes, and a phone.

Legal Representative

In most cases, we will hire an attorney to represent you. Adoption is a legal process and we want you to understand the “legalese” of the process.

Support & Counseling

If allowed by the state laws governing the adoption, we help pay for your rent and utilities.

How can we help you?

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