Deserei's Story

Deserei's Story

I was battling against myself to make the right decision for my child.  I wasn’t confident that I could financially afford to take care of a child. I needed to consider adoption.  It hurt!

I thought about everything and had to ask myself, “how willing am I to be selfless to make sure that this child gets what they need and deserve?   Can I put my own hurt and pain aside to see the beauty in making another family from my loss and grief?”

I was bound by time and getting close to my due date.  I didn’t want to make this decision, but the way things were going, I wasn’t going to be able to parent this child.  No access to a vehicle, no job, nowhere stable to live.  While I didn’t want to place my child for adoption and tried to change the circumstances, I knew this was the best decision for my daughter.  I had worked with Graceful Adoptions before, if I had to go through this again, I knew I would work with Graceful Adoptions.

Graceful Adoptions is more like a family. They are built on relationships and build special connections between birth and adoptive families.

It had been seven years since I placed my first child for adoption through Graceful Adoptions.  But in those years, we had never really lost touch.  Karen, the founder of Graceful Adoptions, personally asked my doctor, who I absolutely loved, if he would take me as a patient, and coordinated getting me Medicaid.

When Graceful Adoptions called me with a family they thought I would love, I felt confident they were right.  And they were!  I knew as soon as I talked to them on the phone, they were the family that would be perfect for my daughter.  The first time we met we clicked instantly.  It felt like I’d known Ashley and Brandon forever. They were so sweet and genuine and Ashley’s smile lit up the room.  They were so nice!  They brought me a box of chocolates as a gift, but they didn’t need to buy me a gift to show they cared about me, I know they do.  Just them being who they are, their genuine selves, was enough for me.  There was a break built into our visit schedule and neither of us wanted to take it.  We just wanted to spend time together.

I was happily waiting for them when they arrived at the hospital for the birth of our daughter.  We spent hours together, holding our daughter, talking, and enjoying breakfast together.  I left the hospital in good confidence, crying happy tears.  I knew my daughter was going to a great family and would be well taken care of.  I knew they would keep their word and remain in my life.

For other women considering abortion or adoption, my opinion is that adoption is more meaningful. You get more out of it.  If you are considering adoption versus parenting, ask yourself if you can take care of a child at the same time you take care of yourself and earn money to support you and your child. Weigh your own heart and ask yourself how “selfless am I”?  Adoption is hard, but it is also rewarding. It leaves you feeling joyful even with the hardship.  There is a lot of satisfaction in making another couple a happy family.

Karen is one of the best people I know. My recommendation is to always use Graceful Adoptions. I’ve already recommended Karen’s adoption agency, Graceful Adoptions, to several moms who placed through them.   I’m confident you will have a great experience too!

Deserei B.
Salina, Kansas