We make adoption the personal experience it was meant to be.

Everything we do starts with you.

Like most of Graceful Adoptions’ policies and procedures, the adoption planning process is based on the placing parents’ wishes.

Our Adoption Process

It starts with a phone call.

Whether you have a few questions or you need more information about adoption, call us at 1.877.628.1415. We are here for you.
Our Adoption Process

Tell us what’s important to you.

During this step we want to get to know you, understand your unique circumstances, and what is important to you in your Adoption Plan.

What type of parents do you want to raise your child?

  • College graduates?
  • Artistic?
  • Athletic?
  • All of the above?

What type of communications do you want post placement?

  • No communication?
  • Regular updates?
  • Do you want to see your child?

Whatever you want, it’s our job to show you families that meet your requirements.

Our Adoption Process

Choose your Adoptive Parents.

During this step you review, select, and meet the adoptive parents who will raise your child. If you prefer Graceful Adoptions to select the adoptive parents on your behalf, we are happy to do that too. Choosing Adoptive Parents typically involves:

  • You review Family Profiles – Graceful Adoptions will provide you with several Family Profiles of parents who meet your criteria. Take your time to review their pictures and what they have to say to you, learn about their values, their home and their family.
  • You interview the Adoptive Parents – Once you identify one or more families who fit your requirements, we encourage you to talk with them on the phone to get to know them better. Don’t worry, we will help you come up with a list of questions and one of our staff members will be on the call to ensure it goes smoothly.
  • You meet the Adoptive Parents – After you select the adoptive parents for your child, they will travel to meet you in person. Don’t want to meet them alone? That’s okay; bring your children and/or your parents or a friend This visit will usually happen over a two-day period and you’ll spend a total of 6-10 hours together. You may visit your favorite restaurant, get a pedicure, it’s all up to you because this time is all about you.
Our Adoption Process

Complete your Adoption Plan.

Your Hospital Plan – If you are placing a newborn, we document and coordinate with the hospital to ensure all of your wishes are carried out. Your Hospital Plan will include information such as: Who will be in the delivery room with you? Who will take care of the baby during the hospital stay? Which baby mementoes do you want to keep? Who is allowed in your room, as well as who isn’t?

Your Transition Plan – If you are placing an infant or toddler, we document and coordinate how your child’s care and objects will be transitioned to the adoptive parents. Your Transition Plan will include information such as which toys, stuffed animals, clothes, and bedding will be transitioned with the child? What are the child’s favorite foods, colors, songs, characters? What is the child’s eating and sleeping schedule?

Your Communications Plan – This is the written plan with the adoptive family that details how and when you will communicate and/or see your child after placement.

Your Support Resources – This is a written list of people in your support network you can rely during and following your adoption to support you.

During this step, you meet with an attorney or agency representative to review the legal process for adoption.

Our Adoption Process

Placement with the Adoptive Family.

If you are placing a newborn, the baby is usually placed with the adoptive parents upon discharge from the hospital.

If you are placing an infant or toddler, the Transition Plan we develop together will be followed.

Although the timing varies by state, you will usually sign legal documents pertaining to the adoption process before or shortly after the child is placed with the adoptive parents.

Our Adoption Process

Post Placement Support.

Surrounding yourself with supportive family, friends, and professionals and making sure you’re taking care of yourself by eating right, exercising, and resting can help. At Graceful Adoptions we will be available to provide ongoing support. Whether it’s the day you deliver or months or even years afterwards, we are always here for you.

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