Cheyenne's Story

My name is Cheyenne, I’m 19 years old.  I recently made the difficult and selfless decision to place my son for adoption.  I wasn’t ready to parent him, and abortion wasn’t the right decision for me.

I had recently had my first child and while changing from the IUD to the patch birth control, I got pregnant again.  I didn’t think I was pregnant, but checked anyway and discovered I was about 16 weeks along.  I was really scared and depressed.  I was in a bad place and not myself.

The father and I knew we were not ready. We considered our options.  Parent.  Family.  Abortion.  Adoption.  Adoption was the best option for both of our children and us.

I love that Graceful Adoptions is focused on the birth parents, and doesn’t judge parents for the decisions we have made.   The team provided care and support I didn’t even know I needed or wanted. They were always there, always available to listen, and to provide support before, during and after our son’s birth.

We were surprised at how fast we knew which parents we wanted to raise our son.  They were perfect for him, and for us – willing and able to meet him and us just where we were.  They are sweet, kind, smart, and stable.  We knew our son would have the life we wanted for him, although we were not in a place we could provide it.

For other mothers who find themselves unable to parent their child, call Graceful Adoptions.  You may have family and friends who don’t agree with your decision, but don’t let anyone tell you what to do with your body or your child.  Graceful Adoptions will help you and make things right.

Cheyenne W.
Davenport, IA