Newborn, Infant, and Toddler Adoptions in the United States.

Making an Adoption Plan is usually the parents’ last resort. The parents have little or no financial support, limited emotional support, and usually no one to help care for the child day in and day out. Parents who make the loving and difficult decision to place a child for adoption allow thousands of people to realize their dreams of becoming a family.

Our Adoption Services

Our Adoption Services
Newborn Adoption

When expectant parents make an Adoption Plan for an unborn or recently born child.

Our Adoption Services
Infant Adoption

When parents make an Adoption Plan for a child between 1 month and 12 months of age.

Our Adoption Services
Toddler Adoption

When parents make an Adoption Plan for a child between 1 and 4 years old.

We have one of the lowest disruption rates in the country.

Types of Communications Plans

Graceful Adoptions’ Communications Plans are often referred to as “Types of Adoption.”

We call them Communications Plans because they address the ongoing communication between the placing and adoptive parents after the child is “placed.”  For Newborn Adoptions, the Plan usually begins upon discharge from the hospital. For Infant Adoptions and Toddler Adoptions, the Plan usually begins after the transition.

Regardless of the type of Communications Plan, information about the adoptive parents and the expecting parents is shared with each other. Prior to placement, adoptive parents will have spent some time with the parents placing their child:

  • Talking on the telephone during what we call a “Match Interview”
  • Traveling to meet the placing parents in person
  • Spending time together during the hospital stay for a Newborn Adoption or during a Transition Plan for an Infant Adoption or Toddler Adoption

Graceful Adoptions will not hide or withhold adoptive parents’ identifying information. Our position is that if the placing parents can trust you to raise their child, you can trust them with your name.

Our Adoption Services
Open Communications*

With Open Communications the number of visits vary for each relationship but one or two visits per year tend to be the most popular. The visit is at a mutually agreed to location and usually lasts between four to six hours. A typical visit might involve a trip to a local zoo/children’s science center/other child centric activity and having a meal together.

* Prospective adoptive families who are seeking a toddler adoption are required to have Open Communications.

Our Adoption Services
Semi-Open Communications

The only difference between Open and Semi-Open Communications is that with Semi-Open Communications there are no visits between the parents following placement. Direct and ongoing communications still takes place.

Our Adoption Services
Closed Communications*

With Closed Communications, there is no contact between the parents following placement of the child with the adoptive parents. *While Graceful Adoptions honors requests made by the placing parents for no post placement communications (Closed Communications), we do not accept prospective adoptive families who are exclusively seeking closed communications due to the trend towards openness and the benefits of ongoing communications to all parties.

Who determines which type of Communications Plan is followed?

The parents placing the child for adoption select the type of communications they want, the frequency, and how the communications take place. It’s our job to find adoptive parents who are willing to follow this Communications Plan. That’s why we use the communications preferences provided during the Application Process to match adoptive and placing parents.

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