Kelley & Chris's Story

It was an amazing experience. As fast as everything happened we couldn’t believe it. Still can’t. We always believed that our journey together would include children and we always hoped to have a big family one day. We were able to get pregnant twice, but those pregnancies were not meant to be. We had talked about adoption – even when were dating – as a way to create our family because we have family members who were adopted.

We knew this was the path that was meant for us.

We chose Graceful Adoptions because of the people. The staff was very helpful and genuine.  They were open and honest from the start and very thorough with their responses to our questions and concerns.

Like most people going through the adoption process we were nervous. Our biggest concern was that we would be selected, start our life with our new child, and the birth mother would change her mind.  We read some stories about this happening and it was really something that we didn’t think we could go through. A second worry for us was the health of the child. Just so many unknowns.

But Graceful Adoptions understood and really helped us work through the process and they were very reassuring. It meant a great deal to us to have people like Karen and her staff there to share their own experiences. Karen adopted her daughter so she knows what we we’re going through.

It seems like the moment we completed our Family Profile we were called to be interviewed by an expectant mother. It was amazing how fast everything happened. The interview went very well and we connected with the birth mother very quickly. Graceful Adoptions had a member of their staff on the call with us and she made everyone comfortable and added a level of professionalism to everything. We were glad she was on the call.

Two weeks later we received the call that we were about to become parents.  It still gives us goose bumps to think about. When we met the expectant mother we were nervous at first but we were instantly comforted by a very positive and warm interaction.  Looking back, it was a very exciting, yet nerve-wracking time but the birth mother made it a very good experience.

Holding our baby for the first time…words cannot describe how it felt.  We instantly fell in love with our new daughter. We knew immediately that this was the child that was sent to us from God.

We are forever grateful to our daughter’s birth mother and to Graceful Adoptions for bringing us together. Graceful Adoptions really is unique. They cared about us, the birth mother, and the child throughout the process. We have nothing but great things to say about Graceful Adoptions.

Kelley and Chris H.
Waynesburg, PA