Stephany & Mike's Story

Watching our close friends go through the adoption experience really opened our hearts to adoption. After years of trying other options for infertility we felt the time was right for us to start our own road to adoption.

We had met with another local adoption agency. We were turned off by their placement process. We did not agree that the child would go to a temporary/ foster care home after discharge from the hospital, that made us feel uncomfortable. We turned to Graceful Adoptions after finding them in a google search for local adoption agencies. When Stephany called Graceful Adoptions they put our minds at ease. They answered all of our questions honestly and with full transparency right from the start. We were blown away by how knowledgeable they were with Iowa adoption laws. They were helpful and accessible throughout the entire process. They have addressed an array of different cases throughout their history as a company which has provided them with extensive resources at their fingertips to help us with anything we needed during the adoption process.

When we got the call that a mother wanted to interview us, we were both excited and terrified. Our minds started racing. How do we give the mom the reassurance and confidence that we will care for her child and keep her child safe? We wanted to be respectful of what she was going through and acknowledge that her decision was the hardest she would have to make. This process was about all of us, including the mom.

The first time we met Chayla we waited at the restaurant with anxiety building within us because we wanted her to like us. We wanted to make sure we showed her our true, authentic selves. The moment we started talking with Chayla we felt an instant connection. We were able to spend some mom to mom time and we felt a kindred connection.

When it was time for Chayla to go to the hospital to deliver the baby we offered to drive her to the hospital. She didn’t have a support system and we felt honored to be there for her. Stephany stayed with Chayla for her induction and throughout the night. We stayed up talking and watching movies together. The next day when it came time to push Stephany was there holding Chaylas hand and giving her support. Chayla was a superwoman throughout the entire birth. Chayla held Emilia first, then Stephany, then Mike. Holding Emilia in our arms was surreal. We looked at Emilia and felt an instant connection just as we had with Chayla. After Emilia was born we spent her days in the hospital with Chayla and Emilia.

To other parents who are considering adoption our advice would be to keep your mind and your heart open. Be open to anything and everything, you never know what will come into your life. People have an idea of what a family is but families come together in many different ways. We are grateful to be Mom and Dad. We love our little Emilia and our ongoing relationship with Chayla.

Mike & Stephany
Des Moines, IA