Julie & Jeff's Story

The adoption process has produced so many blessings that we can’t think of our life any other way than being adoptive parents. We adopted in July 2012 and the experience was more than words can describe.  Now are working with Graceful Adoptions to adopt our second child.

We heard about Graceful Adoptions through the agency that did our home study. They provided a list of adoption agencies and we went through the list one-by-one, calling every single agency. I was convinced that we should work with Graceful Adoptions after our first conversation.

It was an easy phone call. I didn’t feel like they were on auto-pilot with their answers – because let’s be honest, they probably hear the same questions all day long! I really was attracted to the owner’s energy. It was like talking to a friend.  That never changed throughout the process, or even now several years later.

Going into the adoption process we had two concerns; the cost and the openness of the adoption. Once we contacted Graceful Adoptions those fears went away. Graceful Adoptions was very upfront regarding their fees and processes.  There were no disclaimers or no vague wording that begged more questions.  And, once the right professionals helped us with the openness and explained their experiences, our fears were replaced with a welcomed reality.  In fact, since adopting we wish we had a more open relationship with our daughter’s biological mother.

When we learned someone wanted to interview us, a million watts of energy ran through us. But we reminded ourselves to stay true to who we are because any match would only be successful if she knew the true us. The interview was easier than we expected it to be. After a few minutes the conversation started flowing freely and we felt a real bond with her.

In the weeks that followed, Graceful Adoptions staff coordinated her hospital plan. This incredible woman we had come to know and care about so much, wanted Julie to be in the delivery room with her. It was an amazing request! We couldn’t believe how lucky we were!

Graceful Adoptions staff called on a Monday morning explaining that she was in labor and we needed to leave so that we could be with her during delivery. We drove across four states to be by her side. Julie literally walked in when the doctor told our daughter’s mother it was time to push.

Instead of focusing on her labor, she wanted to know how our drive was and if I was doing ok. I couldn’t believe it!  I sat in a car all day while she was in labor and she was curious about how I’m doing.  That is just the kind of person she is!

While being in the delivery room was very exciting, it was also difficult to see her in so much pain. It was evident that any minute our daughter was going to enter his world, when her mother looked at me and said, “are you ready to be a mommy?” I knew at that moment, she wanted me to focus on our daughter, let me feel the excitement and that no matter what, she was going to be ok.  One push later, our daughter was born.

The next day, we spent a lot of time with our daughter’s mother, just getting to know her better.  When we left her room for the last time as she was being discharged, we were full of emotions. We were sad to see her go, we didn’t know if we would see her again, we weren’t ready to say goodbye.  It hit us that this was really happening; this was going to be our daughter. We tell our daughter about this day now, even though she’s too young to really understand. We consider this her first true love story, two mommy’s who loved her – long before she was born.

For those wanting to adopt, this process is not for the faint of heart. Let yourself feel your feelings and embrace the setbacks and progress in stride. It’s not a race and when your child is placed with you, it will complete the story. It will be like a snowflake or a fingerprint – a unique, one-of-a-kind story that no one else can recreate.

Adoption is not a consolation prize for those unable to conceive biologically. It’s a vocation. It’s a lifestyle you embrace and must feel passionate about. You give yourself up to others and what you get back is so much bigger than what your heart and mind can fathom. There is nothing effortless and easy about it- but hopefully you already realize that the most valuable and greatest things in life never are.

Graceful Adoptions was  incredibly throughout the process. You really know that they care about you. No question is unimportant. No detail is too minor to talk about. They do exactly what they say they’re going to do and they really do become part of your family. If you have a list of adoption agencies, make sure Graceful Adoptions is right at the top. It’s the only call you need to make.

Julie and Jeff L.
Lexington, KY