Daniel & Alicia's Story

When we stopped infertility treatments we felt liberated in our choice to adopt. Although we traveled a rough road with infertility, adoption was never our second option. Having an adopted brother and knowing many friends who’ve adopted children, adoption has always been something that we’ve talked about pursuing.

We’ll admit we were a little scared.

After we called Graceful Adoptions and spoke to Karen on the phone we were most drawn to her honesty. She told us about her own adoption journey and the struggles that led her to a lifetime of happiness with her beautiful daughter Grace. Karen’s story allowed us to see that there can be joy from heartache, you need to be persistent, and you should never give up. Karen was very bold and confident, but always kept things real at the same time.

When we started the adoption process, our greatest concern was the health of the baby and mother. With any pregnancy there can be unknown problems that arise and we knew this fact; however Graceful Adoptions consistently put our minds at ease by providing health documents and medical information about our baby and her mother.

Another concern we had during the adoption process was the mother choosing to parent the baby after the match was made. During the process Graceful Adoptions provided us with valuable information about our daughter’s mother that helped put our minds at ease. We also came to accept that if the mother chose to parent the baby we knew that she was making the best decision for her at that time.

We also had to find the resources to actually adopt a baby and naturally Graceful Adoptions was there to help. They referred us to a credit union that specializes in Adoption Loans. Graceful Adoptions was always helpful even in the most stressful situations.

When we got the call that an expectant mother wanted to interview us, it was overwhelming. We were happy, nervous, excited, scared, enthusiastic, and anxious all at the same time. Despite all of the emotions, Graceful Adoptions helped us to feel very prepared and confident going into our first conversation with our daughter’s mother. They told us to think through potential questions that she might ask us. This was helpful and made us feel ready. Graceful Adoptions encouraged us to be ourselves and that was the best piece of advice.

Initially the interview was nerve-wracking. However, as the conversation continued we became more comfortable. It was really helpful to have Graceful Adoption’s staff member, Farrah, on the phone with us because she guided the conversation and kept it moving. Our daughter’s mother asked us about our interests, our family, and even potential names we were considering for the baby. After sharing three names that we liked we asked her what names she liked and right there on the phone we decided on the most perfect name for our daughter.

As we looked at one another with tears in our eyes we could hardly believe that we just named the baby that we had prayed for years for with her mother!

It was great to hear her voice and listen to her thoughts. It was moving to hear her deepest wants for her baby. We knew in our hearts that we would help make her dreams for her baby come true. After communicating via phone calls and texts for a few weeks, we decided to visit our baby’s mother.

We were a little nervous and anxious, but we remembered our promise to one another to be ourselves. When we met our baby’s mother, we knew that this was it. There was an immediate bond and friendship. We felt as though she was a part of our family already. From that point forward Alicia remained in close contact with her over the phone and with text messages on a daily basis.

A few weeks after our in-person meeting, she sent us ultrasound pictures in the mail and that sealed the deal. There are no words to describe our first glance at our sweet girl. We’d been praying for this baby for years and receiving those precious pictures created an immediate bond with a baby that we had only seen in our dreams. Through the fuzzy images we fell in love over and over again with our sweet baby girl.

The day our beautiful Harper was born will be a day forever etched in our hearts. The moment we first saw Harper felt almost unreal! We found ourselves giggling like little children as we stared at her sleeping. She was so tiny and perfect. Our days in the hospital were spent not only bonding with our new little bundle but also with her mother. We ate dinner together every night. We all joked about being a family… but in all of our hearts I think we knew that we were already just that… family.

On the day of discharge there were many tears as we all said, “see you later.” Hugs, kisses, and “I love yous” were said and all were in agreement that God had brought us together to give Harper the best. Since we could not travel home right away, we spent a few days in a hotel. The day after discharge we had the chance to visit with Harper’s mother at her home. We watched her favorite movie, ate Buffalo Wild Wings (everyone’s favorite), and looked at her baby pictures. It was more time together, as a family, which will always mean so much to us.

The adoption process expanded our family by the addition of our beautiful daughter, the devoted relationship with her birth mother, and the unending bond with the Graceful Adoptions staff. Every baby matters to Graceful Adoptions. Every mother and father matters to them. Every adoptive parent matters. They will treat you with the upmost respect in a personable and professional manner. You will not be disappointed if you choose Graceful Adoptions.

Daniel and Alicia E.
Independence, KY