Sarah & Tyler's Story

Everything in life worth having, is worth waiting for! We’re living proof!

My desire to adopt started when I was a young girl. I didn’t know it at the time, but God was planting a seed that I would one day sow to grow my family.

Our story started in High School. We were high school sweethearts and waited more than seven years to get married. After a decade of being married, we decided to realize the dream that God had shared with me when I was a young girl.

We started and finished the adoption process with Graceful Adoptions.

From the beginning, Graceful Adoptions felt right. They answered all of our questions. They were organized. We always knew what was coming next and what to expect.  There is no doubt that waiting was the hardest part. The Graceful Adoptions’ staff encouraged us to live our life, go on vacations with friends, and not to sit around and wait. They always told us “the right child will come along.”

Deep down we knew God’s timing is perfect, but it didn’t stop the wait from being difficult. We were glad for Graceful Adoptions’ encouragement. Looking back, we can’t imagine not having the memories from the trips with our friends and spending all the quality time together as a couple.

One day Graceful Adoptions’ staff contacted us to ask if they could present us to a mother. Our preferences didn’t match; however, there were so many similarities between us and the mother, they wanted us to consider the possibility.

We felt peace. When we met the mother, we spent an amazing day together eating Mexican food, getting pedicures, and enjoying ice cream cones. It was easy to be together and we looked forward to spending more time with her.

The next time we saw her was at the hospital.

When we arrived, she had been in labor for more than 20 hours. Her strength and stamina were astounding. We heard a nurse yell for us and as we ran down the hall we heard the sweetest cry. As we ran into the room, we saw the baby laying on her mom’s chest. It was precious.  We would never change the time we had together in the hospital; the baby, her mother, her mother’s mother, and us. She would never have this time with her child again and we would never have this kind of time with the mother again.

As it turns out, God’s timing is perfect. We can’t imagine parenting a different child – she’s perfect in every way. She is the “right child.”  And the mother who selected us? She is beautiful, smart, funny, and courageous. We are honored she is in our life.

Anyone considering adoption should contact Graceful Adoptions.  As adoptive parents, they understand what it’s like going through the adoption process and prepare you for every step along the way.

Sarah and Tyler