What makes Graceful Adoptions different?

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We learned from experience.

I started Graceful Adoptions because of the experience I had while I was adopting my daughter Grace. Without getting into too much detail, let’s just say that it was less than ideal. I especially didn’t like the way moms (and dads) who were choosing adoption for their child were treated.

It was as if they were considered a number, a business transaction, or simply a means for me to get a child. They weren’t treated like amazing people who were making one of the most difficult decisions in their life.

I thought that mothers (and fathers) should be treated with respect and kindness, and adoption should be a personal experience. That’s why I made sure Graceful Adoptions is first and foremost focused on moms and dads making an adoption plan for their child. 

You’ll notice the difference the second you talk to us.

We understand that everyone is unique so we take the time to get to know everyone who reaches out to us as individuals.

First, is adoption even right for you? The only person who can answer that is you. We present you with all of the information you need so you can make the decision that is best for you and your child. Sometimes moms decide that adoption isn’t the best choice. And that’s okay.  Our job is to be here for you, not to “sell” you on something that isn’t right for you.

If you do move forward, you’ll realize that with Graceful Adoptions you make every single decision that matters. Start with the type of adoption you want. We offer Open Adoption that allows you to have a relationship with the family and your child – including visits. We also offer Semi-Open Adoption that allows you to have a relationship without the visits. Finally, there’s Closed Adoption where there is no contact after your child is placed with the adoptive family.

Which one is right for you? That’s up to you. Learn more about our adoption services

If you look at our adoption process you’ll realize that we really do things differently. The birth parents tell us what they’re looking for in adoptive parents, they decide which family/families they like, the birth parents then interview the adoptive parents, and then there is an in-person visit that helps build bonds.

You choose the family you want for your child.  We listen to what you want and we present families that are a perfect match. If you don’t find a fit, we present more families until you find a family you like.

Every step of the way, we work for you. Answering questions, providing support and making sure every detail is covered right down to your experience at the hospital (for a newborn) or transition plan (for an infant or toddler adoption).

We wanted to create a different kind of adoption experience and that’s what you’ll discover at Graceful Adoptions. Just ask some of the moms who have worked with us in the past. Read their stories here.

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