Infant and toddler adoption.

Is it the right option for you?
Many people ask why Graceful Adoptions offers infant and toddler adoptions when most other adoption agencies only support mothers who are currently pregnant. The more I talked to mothers, I knew I had to do more to support mothers who wanted to find a solution for their infant or toddler.
Toddler Adoption
“For years I struggled as a single mother. The challenge to balance life seemed an endless battle. Looking for options, I came across something that I didn’t know was an option. A way to provide my child a real chance at life, while staying in his life.”

Infant and toddler adoption is more common than you might imagine.

While no parent wants to place their child for adoption, sometimes adoption is the best option…

Many parents continue to struggle as they try to provide for their child.

Parents are challenged by maintaining a job while caring for their child.

Housing and daycare costs make working almost impossible.

Parents may have wanted to place their child at birth, however at the time others offered help.

You have tried everything you can to parent your child, but you’re still struggling and can’t get your feet under you.

Toddler Adoption
“Choosing adoption for my 3-year-old son was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done but it was the right decision for him. His future will be everything I hoped it would be.”

Our process is built around the child’s wellbeing.

Our work with infants and toddlers is focused on transitioning the child’s care from their birth parent(s) to the adoptive parents over a period of time. When children see the transfer of care and their belongings shift, with help from their parent(s), the child can begin to trust and rely on the adoptive parents.

Toddler Adoption
Toddler Adoption

Our Transition Plan includes:

  • Visits that gradually transfer the child’s care from the birth parent(s) to the adoptive parents.
  • Items, such as toys, stuffed animals, clothes, and bedding, that will be transitioned with the child to their new home.
  • Favorites such as food, drinks, toys, characters, books and songs, to ensure the adoptive family have these items on hand and can surround the child with their favorites and things that are familiar to the child.
  • Schedule sharing to ensure the child eats, naps and sleeps in a similar routine in their new home.
  • Details such as how often the child takes a bath and how much water is most comfortable for him/her, and even whether or not they prefer bubbles.

You make the decisions that matter.

You decide what you want for your child. We do everything we can to make it happen.

  • You review profiles of families wanting to adopt an infant or toddler.
  • You select the family to interview.
  • You meet with the adoptive parents prior to a match being made.

If everything feels right and you want to move forward, the adoptive family returns a couple weeks later for the transition. Rest assured, our team will accept you without judgment and will be there to answer any questions you have. All of our adoptive parents have gone through extensive background checks, training, and are ready to provide a safe and loving home.

Toddler Adoption

Our Adoption Process leaves nothing to chance.

Toddler Adoption
I found myself a single mother with a newborn. Family does what they can, but ultimately it really isn’t their responsibility or their burden to carry. I got a job to support us. I was working so much to make ends meet, I didn’t get much time with my son.

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