A : Yes, Graceful Adoptions is a full-service, licensed adoption agency in the state of Iowa. We work with birth parents and adoptive parents throughout the U.S. by meeting each state’s requirements through a network of agency partners.

A : Graceful Adoptions works strictly within the United States. 

A: Graceful Adoptions works with birth parents placing children between newborn and 4 years of age.

A: No.  Graceful Adoptions works directly with the parents placing their child for adoption.  Parents who make an adoption plan for their infant or toddler have tried every possible way to make being a parent work. Placing their child for adoption is usually their last resort and we understand.

A: At Graceful Adoptions we are very selective when it comes to the families we work with – our screening process is thorough and we don’t approve all families who apply. Most agencies approve any family who has an approved home study.  At Graceful Adoptions, that is just the beginning.  Learn more about our screening process

A: This is simple, the parents placing the child make all the decisions, including who will parent their child.

A: Our success is based on three main factors:

  1. We are selective with regards to the birth parents and adoptive parents we work with.
  2. We don’t match birth parents and adoptive families until the third trimester, thus we can get to know the placing parents before we match them with a family.
  3. We genuinely care for birth parents and adoptive families. This is a good foundation for building relationships.

A: Graceful Adoptions does not require mothers to see a doctor other than to verify her pregnancy.  There are many reasons a mother may not want/desire to see a doctor, including not wanting to get attached to the child or hear the heartbeat, she may not have transportation, or may not have someone to watch her other children.

A: While some agencies will keep the identity of the adoptive parents from the birth parents, Graceful Adoptions will not. Our position is, if a mother can trust the adoptive parents to raise her child, they can trust her with their name and address.

A: The adoptive parents will know the mothers name and address, as well as social and medical information shared during the matching process.

A: No. That is, unless the mother and father are married. Generally, the legal process is smoother if the father is involved in the process. Although each state is different, there is no state that requires the father of the child’s “permission” to place a child for adoption if the mother and father aren’t married.  If the mother and father are not married, but he is on the birth certificate, that can complicate the process. 

A: The match is created by the parents placing the child for adoption. Based on information provided by the birth and adoptive parents, the birth parents will be provided with several profiles for review. After considering each profile, they will then decide which family/families they want to interview on the phone. Once they identify a family they like, the adoptive parents travel to meet the birth parents in person. If the birth parents feel comfortable proceeding after the in-person meeting, a match is made.

A: Once the birth parents review adoptive parent profiles, they will interview the family(ies) they are most interested in.  After the phone interview, the family they like will travel to meet the birth parents in person, usually spending 6-10 hours together sharing meals, going to local attractions, perhaps getting manicures or pedicures.  Most times, they spend some time together during the hospital stay as well.  If the birth parents do not want to talk or meet the adoptive parents, that is fine – it’s up to them.

A: Yes. The birth parents make all the decisions regarding the hospital stay. The birth parents may see the baby, hold the baby, feed and change the baby…it’s their choice. And if they want to include the adoptive family, they can do that too. Of course, if they prefer not to see the baby, the baby may be placed with the adoptive family or in the nursery, whichever the mother wishes.

A: This is up to the birth parents since they complete the child’s birth certificate.  Most often, the birth parents ask the adoptive parents to name the child or the birth and adoptive parents name the child together. 

A: If the birth mother is over 14 years old, a birth mothers’ parents (grandparent to the child) cannot legally stop a mother from placing her child for adoption or working with Graceful Adoptions. However we encourage every mother to include her parents in the process so they can provide support to her. 

A: No. The child is place with the adoptive parents following discharge from the hospital, or during the Transition Plan if it’s an older child.

A: In most cases, the birth parents are not required to go to court before the child to be placed with the adoptive parents. However, in some states the birth parents have to go to court for their rights to be terminated so that the child may be legally adopted by the adoptive parents. Graceful Adoptions will work with the birth parents to make the process as smooth as possible.

A: Yes.  The adoptive parents will go to court during the adoption process, at placement or at finalization.  Graceful Adoptions will help identify an attorney to hire for this process. 

A: Having a baby is always an emotional experience. Placing a child only makes it more emotional. She may feel sadness, loss, regret and many other emotions…all are completely normal. That is why we help mothers create a support plan that she can rely on.

A: Yes. We hope the birth parents and adoptive parents have ongoing communications outlined in their Communications Plan.  However, if the mother asked for a closed relationship and then wishes to know more, Graceful Adoptions will help provide the information she desires. 

A: Yes, a specific gender may be requested. However, keep in mind that the more you narrow your preferences, the fewer mothers you will be presented to.

A: Yes. In some states proof is required in order to provide certain benefits to pregnant women such as health insurance.

A: Congratulations! Graceful Adoptions will ask you to go on-hold until after your child is one year of age.

A: Graceful Adoptions will work with any mother at any time.  However, it is our policy to wait until the expecting mothers’ third (3rd) trimester prior to matching her with an adoptive family. This allows Graceful Adoptions to get to know the expecting mother, while avoiding unnecessary challenges which often occur with making a match too early in the pregnancy.

A: Graceful Adoptions will work with a mother at any time. Once the mother has received counseling and is sure she wants to move forward with a placement, we are happy to show her adoptive parent profiles for her consideration.

A: The adoptive family is provided with several documents at the time a match is presented:

  1. Proof of pregnancy or information regarding the infant or toddler
  2. Birth parent(s) medically diagnosed conditions,
  3. Birth mother’s drug and alcohol usage, if any, and
  4. Medical and living expenses which may apply.

A: Graceful Adoption maintains contact with the adoptive family through finalization and beyond. The laws of most states prevent Graceful Adoptions (or any other agency) from representing the adoptive family for the finalization of the adoption. However, Graceful Adoptions will work with the adoptive family’s attorney to ensure they have all the necessary information to finalize the adoption. If the adoptive family does not have an adoption attorney, Graceful Adoptions is happy to recommend one to complete the adoption.


The Application Fee is due with the submission of the Agency Application.

The Family Activation Fee is due at the time the Agreement is executed.

The Family Profile Fee is due with the submission of the Family Profile.

The Agency Fee is due in two equal parts. The first installment is due at the time the Agreement is executed and the second installment is due upon execution of a Match Agreement.

If the Match is Disrupted by the Birth Mother or some other cause beyond the control of the Adoptive Parents prior to finalizing the adoption, 100% of the Agency Fee paid/collected will be applied to the Adoptive Parent’s next Match through Graceful Adoptions.

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