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“I love that Graceful Adoptions is focused on the birth parents, and doesn’t judge us for the decisions we have made. The team provided care and support I didn’t even know I needed or wanted.” Read more

Cheyenne W.
Davenport, IA


“I was battling against myself to make the right decision for my child. I wasn’t confident I could afford a child. I needed to consider adoption. It hurt!” Read more

Salina, Kansas


“Living through a hurricane and escaping an unhealthy marriage, I felt alone. Graceful Adoptions went above and beyond to provide me with the support I needed, when I needed it most.” Read more

Des Moines, IA


“I love my son. I carried him to term, endured 55 hours of labor, have stretch marks and scares all over my body. For years, I struggled to give him what I thought he deserved.” Read more



“As a survivor of domestic abuse, I wanted my daughter to do more than just survive. That’s when I turned to Graceful Adoptions for a toddler adoption.” Read more

Megan M
Kansas City, MO


“Graceful Adoptions didn’t make me feel like a number, a medical record, an incubator, or just someone who could give someone else a baby. They were more personal. ” Read more

Erika K.
Dallas, TX

Rachel & Ray

“We were still trying to get our own lives and careers on track and we were living with our parents. We weren’t emotionally or financially ready to parent a child.” Read more

Rachel & Ray
Des Moines, IA


“I was not in a position to take care of myself, much less a child. I lived with my parents, I made $8/hour, and I didn’t want to live on government assistance. If I parented this child, I would be stressed constantly. How can I expect someone to depend on me when I was so dependent on others?” Read more

Waterloo, IA


“Choosing adoption for my 3-year old son was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done but it was the right decision for him. His future will be everything I hoped it would be.” Read more

Chicago, IL


“While my pregnancy was the result of a one of the biggest betrayals I’ve experienced, I don’t regret it and never will. I love my child and I didn’t “want” to make an adoption plan, however, it was the best decision for her. ” Read more

Stacy F.
Detroit, MI


“I was a 15-year-old Sophomore in high school when I found out I was pregnant. I knew when it had happened. Four months prior I had gone to a friend’s house, I woke up with a guy on top of me. Someone had put something in my drink. ” Read more

Briana B.
Birmingham, AL


“I was in school and already parenting one child when I discovered I was pregnant. I had love to give, but that was all I had.” Read more

Detroit, MI


“I was shocked when I found out I was pregnant. I was already parenting a daughter by myself and due to the circumstances of this pregnancy, I didn’t feel I would be the best parent to this child.” Read more

Keokuk, IA


“Some people are excited to find out they are pregnant. For me, I was at a complete loss. I was terrified, nervous, even suicidal.” Read more

Wichita, KS


“Adoption is not something we planned or ever thought we would be involved with. Yet we found ourselves right in the middle of it” Read more

Susan and Tom
Fayetteville, NC


“I was wearing a pretty blue sun dress with tropical pink flowers the day I was going to commit suicide…” Read more

Amy G.
Houston, TX


“I had considered abortion but when my father died, I couldn’t bring myself to make that kind of decision. I was an emotional wreck, I just checked out. Once I was ready to face it again, I decided adoption was the best route.” Read more

Kristen M.
Topeka, KS


“When I found out I was pregnant, I had a 2 year old son, no job and a court hearing in two days for a first time possession charge. The father of both children and I were still together and parenting our son the best we could, but we knew that it would be hard to take care of another child.” Read more

Amanda K.
Charlottesville, VA


“Being adopted a few days after being born was the best thing that ever happened to me. I would have never had the opportunities or known the amount of love I’ve had throughout my life. Fast forward 30 years and I never could have imagined I would be a birth mom.” Read more

Jacqueline L.
Alexandria, VA


“In just three weeks Graceful Adoptions did more for me than the adoption agency I started with did in months.” Read more

Samantha S.
Waterloo, IA

Kim I.

“I was surprised at how different working with Graceful Adoptions was from doing the independent adoption I had done in the past. It was so much better!” Read more

Kim I.
Lynchburg, VA

Wescott 9

“I looked at many different adoption agencies and talked to each of them. The people I spoke to were judgmental, in some cases rude. This was not what I expected or needed. I was about to stop looking when I came across a web-site for Graceful Adoptions. With this one call my adoption journey turned around. I was no longer alone. I was no longer scared. I was with Graceful Adoptions.” Read More

Lydia D.
San Antonio, TX

Callie 1

“Going with Graceful Adoptions…the whole situation could not have turned out any more perfect, honestly.” Read More

Callie M.
Iowa City, IA

Emily & Dustin

“Finding an agency that wanted to work with us wasn’t difficult; however, finding an agency that we wanted to work with was more of a challenge.” Read more

Emily F. & Dustin H.
Des Moines, IA

Stephanie D. 2

“I believe I made the best and most difficult decision any mother could make for the two children she had and the one that she wanted but knew that she couldn’t afford to care for. I never even considered the other options. I knew in my heart that she was a miracle and she was completely unexpected. I believe that she will make some kind of change in this world. I think she was brought into my life to make me better and stronger.” Read More

Stephanie D.
Wareham, MA

Lachelle 1

“Graceful Adoptions made me feel like it was going to be ok. They made me feel good – even calm. They were easy to talk to, they respected me and what I wanted.” Read More

Lachelle G.
Detroit, MI


“Thanks to Graceful Adoptions I can wake up, look in the mirror, and feel good about myself every day knowing that I made the right decision for my baby. She has a chance at life now, a chance I wouldn’t have been able to give her. Anyone considering adoption should call Graceful Adoptions, your worries will disappear.” Read more

Nicole B.
San Antonio, TX

Cristie E 2

“Graceful Adoptions helped and supported me all along the way. I was really surprised (and excited) that someone cared about me and wanted to help me take care of the baby. They were as committed to me as I was to them.” Read more

Cristie E.
Battle Creek, MI

Mary 1

“Graceful Adoptions’ team has been like having “bonus moms.” They are so supportive and available whenever I have any questions about the adoption or my pregnancy.”

Mary S.
Baltimore, MD


“Graceful Adoptions treats you like a person and they never judge you. This meant a lot to me.”

Sheli B.
Raleigh, NC


“Graceful Adoptions is one of the best adoption agencies! Their personal, yet methodical, approach allowed us to overcome many hurtles during the adoption process.”

Genelle H.
Carroll, IA


“Working with Graceful Adoptions was a blessing. It was very peaceful – never stressful or hectic. The whole process made me very happy and I know my daughter has great parents.”

Des B.
Wichita, KS


“I already had one daughter and we were struggling. I wasn’t in a place to raise another child right now. Graceful Adoptions helped me find a family that would give my baby everything they needed, and would love my child like their own.”

Elyse E.
Portsmouth, VA


“I felt very connected to the Graceful Adoptions’ staff.”

Ashley W.
Virginia Beach, VA


“Graceful Adoptions was there to support me when I needed it most”

Cheyenne W.
Bismarck, ND


“Graceful Adoptions helped me find the perfect parents for my daughter.”

Jennifer F.
Myrtle Beach, SC


“Although my husband and I wanted children, it was not the right time. We were down on our luck – we didn’t have stable jobs or housing. When we called Graceful Adoptions we didn’t have anywhere else to turn. They helped us find the perfect parents for our daughter. She is now with a wonderful family who will love her unconditionally and who will always put her needs first. It was hard, but it was the best decision for her.”

Chrissy S.
Reston, VA


“Graceful Adoptions was put on this earth to help others when they can’t or won’t help themselves. There is no way I could have gone through this process with the courage and openness I have without them in my corner.”

Kerri C.
Des Moines, IA


“Graceful Adoptions cuts through the B.S. and gives it to you real.”

Amy G.
San Antonio, TX

Melissa R.

“I was parenting a 1, 2, and 3 year old as a single parent with no family or support nearby. I couldn’t find affordable childcare so I could work. I struggled with homelessness as a child and as an adult, I didn’t want the same thing for my children. I selected a couple who were financially secure and lived a simple life – one that I wanted for my children. The children now have a chance at a happy life.”

Melissa R.
Ashville, NC


“Graceful Adoptions helped me so much! I was lost and they found me. I am so grateful to them.”

Fawn J.
Flint, MI


“I wasn’t planning on having any more children and the father wasn’t in the picture. I really wanted my child to have a better life. Graceful Adoptions supported me through the process, even coordinating the hospital stay. I selected a family that didn’t have any children and would accept my child regardless of race.”

Krystal P.
Richmond, VA


“From the first call when they helped me get on Medicaid, their commitment to me was clear. I don’t know what I would have done if it wasn’t for Graceful Adoptions.”

Deanna J.
Richmond, VA


“The people at Graceful Adoptions are patient, supportive, great listeners…they help take away the pressure of being pregnant.”

Latoya H.
San Antonio, TX


“We had exceptional communication throughout the process – from our first contact to the placement of our son. We still receive great support for our family post-adoption. They’re wonderful people at a wonderful agency. Graceful Adoptions made a stressful decision easier.”

Deb H.
Fort Dodge, IA


“I spoke with many adoption agencies until I found one that felt right for me. Graceful Adoptions’ team was incredible – they answered all my questions, helped me understand the process and provided support along the way. They gave me tons of options.” Read More

Rachel S.
Norfolk, VA


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