Save yourself the trouble, call Graceful Adoptions first!

My ObGyn clinic originally referred me to another adoption agency. After working with this other agency for a couple of months, I still didn’t have a family. And I was told that when I did select a family I wouldn’t be able to meet them in person before I delivered. To top it off, the agency “representative” said they couldn’t help with prenatal and delivery medical bills – it’s just not something they do.

I was frustrated and my due date was approaching fast.

During one of my appointments, we asked the clinic if they could recommend a different adoption agency. I was told that another social worker had worked with another agency and they wanted to know if I wanted a referral to this other agency. I jumped at the chance because nothing was getting done with the adoption agency I was working with. It was as if they didn’t want to work with me. The things I needed and wanted just didn’t fit into their way of working.

Once we called Graceful Adoptions, everything changed. And, I mean everything!

They listened to what I wanted and got to work. I wanted adoptive parents who were married with no other children and they had to be open-minded. I soon reviewed family profiles that fit what I was looking for. Within days of reviewing profiles I (phone) interviewed the two families I liked the most. Based on those discussions I selected one family to meet in person. Six days later the family traveled from North Dakota to meet me. We spent the evening together enjoying dinner and conversation. The next day my mom joined us and we went to brunch.

This was just three weeks after my initial call to Graceful Adoptions! They had already done more for me than the other agency accomplished in months. And it didn’t stop there!

Because of my situation, I didn’t qualify for Medicaid or private insurance. But that didn’t stop Graceful Adoptions from working with me to address the medical bills piling up. They talked to the clinic and delivery hospital and helped me complete a Financial Assistance Application.

Ultimately 100% of my prenatal and delivery costs were covered!

I couldn’t, and still can’t, believe the difference between adoption agencies. Originally I was skeptical when Graceful Adoptions said we would be ready for my delivery. But they were right! They did absolutely everything they promised and more. If you are considering adoption, start with Graceful Adoptions. You won’t be disappointed!

Samantha S.
Waterloo, IA