eligibilitybannerAre you eligible?

At Graceful Adoptions, our goal is to match exceptional parents with equally exceptional adoptive families. That’s why we want to make sure adoptive parents meet our basic requirements.

To qualify you must:

  • Be 27—45 years old
  • If first marriage, be married for a minimum of two years; if second marriage, be married for five years (maximum of two marriages per parent)
  • Currently parenting no more than two children
  • Have a minimum gross annual income of $50,000 plus $10,000 for each child currently living in the home as reported on Income Tax Return Form 1040
  • Accept either a semi-open or open Communications Plan with the parents placing the child
  • Have medical insurance that will cover the adopted child at birth or placement
  • Have a life insurance policy to support the family should anything happen to either parent
  • Sign our Corporal Punishment Prohibited statement

If you meet our eligibility and have a completed Home Study, please complete Graceful Adoptions’ Application.  If you haven’t completed an adoption Home Study, we can help you get that started.

We are adoption experts and we are ready to work for you.


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