Rachel's Story

It just wasn’t time for me to parent a child.

I was in high school when I learned I was pregnant. I was still enjoying not having the responsibilities of an adult and I had plans to continue my education after I graduated – I really wanted to be a teacher.

I knew that it wasn’t time for me to parent a child, but I didn’t believe in abortion. I discovered that over 50,000 families in the U.S. adopt each year and there are still tens of thousands of adoptive parents waiting.

I wasn’t ready to be a parent but my child could still have a great life.

I spoke with many adoption agencies until I found one that felt right for me. Graceful Adoptions’ team was incredible – they answered all my questions, helped me understand the process and provided support along the way. They gave me tons of options; I picked the family, I decided what type of relationship I wanted with the adoptive parents, I decided everything about the hospital – who would be in the delivery room, who would take care of the baby while we were in the hospital, and how we would say “until later.”

But, don’t let anyone tell you that picking adoption is an easy decision. The Graceful Adoptions’ team warned me about how hard it was going to be and helped me prepare for the grief. I kept thinking about my daughter, all the reasons I made the decision to place her for adoption, and slowly it got easier. Now when I see pictures of her I see how happy she is; I know she is doing great.

As for me? I’m in college, getting good grades and getting ready to start my classes to be a teacher!

If you choose to place your child for adoption, I can tell you that it’s going to be difficult so work with an agency that will support you – you’ll need it. But see it as the beginning of a new chapter, not the end.

Rachel S.
Norfolk, VA