Naomi's Story

I didn’t understand how it could have happened. I mean, I know how it happens, but when I was sixteen a doctor told me that I probably couldn’t get pregnant. For years it was true.

The father, my boyfriend, and I were happy and together but we were not in a good position to start a family and we didn’t see our position changing anytime soon. We didn’t have transportation or jobs, and we were homeless. We were frantic and scared. We had no idea what we were going to do.

We eventually moved in with my mom. It wasn’t a secret that my mom wasn’t pleased about the pregnancy. One day she asked, “What are you going to do with the baby?”

Honestly, we didn’t know. We knew we weren’t ready to be parents, but at the time it seemed like the only option available to women in my position was an abortion. This was not something we wanted to do! Adoption had never been something we considered. When you hear about adoption, it isn’t normally good.

One day I was venting to one of my friends about my situation. She listened and then shared something very personal. She told me that she had placed a child for adoption and that the experience was amazing. What she described was nothing like what I had heard. My friend went on about the great people, the emotional support, the matching process, knowing the adoptive parents, and seeing her daughter grow up. What surprised me most was that she was placing the child she was pregnant with, and using the same agency again, Graceful Adoptions. That said a lot!

It took another two months before coming to the conclusion that we weren’t going to get it together in time to raise our child. We started calling adoption agencies. The people we talked to were strictly business. Robotic. Sometimes it wasn’t the words they spoke but their tone of voice. They all reminded me of my initial thoughts and feelings about adoption.

Then we called Graceful Adoptions. My friend was right! As soon as we talked to Karen, the owner of Graceful Adoptions, we felt very safe and secure. It didn’t feel like we were talking to an adoption agency. She was friendly, down to earth, and real. There was no B.S. We try to surround ourselves with open and honest people. We wanted to work with someone we were going to be able to talk to, rather than people who were going to talk at us.

From our first call with Graceful Adoptions, we were at peace. We knew this is what we were supposed to do and who we were meant to work with. We weren’t scared anymore.

We selected an amazing family that we love. We liked everything in their profile – their views and opinions, even how they worded it. When we met them we hit it off right away, our interactions were comfortable. They are good people. The kind of people we imagined raising our daughter.

The whole process with Graceful Adoptions was easy and smooth. They helped us along the way, sometimes it was by just being there. We now have jobs and our own apartment. Soon we will have enough money saved to buy a car. Our entire perspective about adoption and the process changed. We didn’t know it could be so beautiful.

For those who may be considering adoption, make sure you work with an adoption agency that feels right and the people care about you personally. You are going to need that support during this very emotional process. Based on our research and experience, we recommend Graceful Adoptions!

Naomi W.
Wichita, Kansas