Nicole's Story

I was terrified for my life and the life of my unborn child. I had just gotten out of an abusive relationship and knew I couldn’t take care of my child the way she deserved. I was eight months pregnant.

I had two bachelor’s degrees, but felt helpless. I didn’t have insurance and I hadn’t received any prenatal care. I didn’t have a job and hadn’t slept in months. I was finally free from the abusive relationship, yet I felt so trapped. All I could think of was the child I was carrying.

With the hope of finding help, I called an adoption agency. The woman who answered the phone had a mouth full of food. I hung up and called a different agency.

It was Graceful Adoptions. That one call changed my life.

When Graceful Adoptions’ staff answered the phone, I immediately felt a sense of relief. They didn’t start telling me about their program, they asked about me. Graceful Adoptions’ staff listened to everything I had to say and answered all my questions. They were patient, kind, honest, and upfront about everything that I was about to go through with an adoption.

This one call to Graceful Adoptions made my life so much easier. The first thing Graceful Adoptions did was find a doctor for me. I was 8 months pregnant and they found a great doctor to take me as a patient. That was the very first day I spoke to Graceful Adoptions. It also was the first night in 8 months that I slept through the night.

I was no longer worried about what I would do. I would work with Graceful Adoptions to make an adoption plan.

Within days of our first conversation, I saw a doctor, I was preapproved for Medicaid, and I had reviewed profiles of prospective adoptive parents based on criteria I provided.

I had planned to interview two families, but I fell in love with the first family I interviewed. They were the perfect family to raise my daughter. I’ve never been more comfortable with a decision I’ve made in my life, especially about a child.

I delivered my daughter two weeks early, just three weeks after initially contacting Graceful Adoptions. The adoptive parents I selected were at the hospital.  Graceful adoptions worked tirelessly for me and my child.

Thanks to Graceful Adoptions I can wake up, look in the mirror, and feel good about myself every day knowing that I made the right decision for my baby. She has a chance at life now, a chance I wouldn’t have been able to give her.  Anyone considering adoption should call Graceful Adoptions, your worries will disappear.

Thank you Graceful Adoptions! You made a miracle happen in my life, my little girl’s life, and in her new parents’ lives.

With much love, Nicole.