Mimi's Story

I knew I couldn’t do it with two children under the age of two years old. I wanted to know my child was safe, loved unconditionally, and would have a better life than I could provide right now.

I had considered adoption before my first child was born, but the agency wasn’t the best and everything fell apart when I met the parents the first time. It seemed as if they just wanted my baby, it was like “thank you for your baby.”  It just didn’t feel right.

Again, I considered all my options. Parenting. Family. Friends. I don’t believe in abortion. I knew there are so many families that can’t have children. I wanted to give a family that blessing.

I was scared that every adoption agency was the same and if I made an adoption plan again, I would have the same experience. I Googled “adoption agencies” and first read about Graceful Adoptions and another adoption agency. There was a clear difference. When I hung up the phone after our first phone conversation with Graceful Adoptions, I knew this experience would be different.  Making an adoption plan with Graceful Adoptions was a weight lifted off my shoulders.

I can’t say enough about the adoptive family I selected. They seemed and still are, the perfect parents for my child. In simple terms, they are cool. We have a lot in common, they are goofy like me and they love to travel to see and experience the world. I wasn’t “giving up” my child for adoption, I was choosing adoption and a loving family.

Thankfully, my experience with Graceful Adoptions was 100% better than my first experience with an adoption agency. Sometimes it’s hard to believe how comfortable I was working with Graceful Adoptions. I knew the staff cared about me as an individual so it was easy to express myself, therefore I got the adoption plan I wanted. With Graceful Adoptions I felt loved and supported, rather than a means to give a couple a baby. I selected the adoptive parents, they weren’t selected for me.

I met the adoptive parents and spent time with them over 2 days… prior to my child being born. In my previous adoption experience I met the adoptive parents for the first time at the hospital after my child was born. Meeting someone in person is very different than talking to them on the phone!

Since the first time we met, we’ve remained in contact with the adoptive parents.

There is no confusion regarding when I will receive updates, it’s in writing and we all signed it. It wasn’t a verbal agreement easily forgotten or ignored.

For mother’s considering adoption, don’t think you are “giving up your baby for adoption.” You are choosing life and love. Believe in yourself and don’t let anyone discourage you or change your mind.  Everyone has an opinion and it usually doesn’t have anything to do with you. Work with Graceful Adoptions and you will feel love. You will never be judged and will join a family if you are open to it. I was and it changed my entire view of adoption.

Graceful Adoptions’ staff once asked me what they could do to improve or help me more.  The only thing I could think of and what I told them, “carry the baby for me.” Honestly, there was nothing for them to improve.

Detroit, MI