Lydia's Story

Hi, my name is Lydia. I’m just an everyday person with a story that I am more than happy to share. When I was six months pregnant I made a decision that, at the time, brought tears to my eyes. I hope my story will help other women who have an unplanned pregnancy.

I had kept my pregnancy a secret. Life had been a struggle. I wanted more for my unborn child.

I looked at many different adoption agencies and talked to each of them. Making each call was difficult, each conversation a challenge. After making several calls and asking the same questions of each, I questioned my decision to place my baby for adoption. The people I spoke to were judgmental, in some cases rude. This is not what I expected or needed.

I was about to stop looking when I came across a website for Graceful Adoptions.

I didn’t feel good about the calls with the other agencies. With a name like “Graceful Adoptions,” I could only hope it would be better. I said a little prayer.

I called. Someone took my name and number and told me that I would receive a call back shortly. They weren’t kidding. Within minutes of hanging up the phone, a woman called back. I instantly noticed a difference. She was so kind it was comforting. Unlike the other calls, when I told her my story I never felt any judgment. In fact, she made me feel that whatever I was going through, she was going through too.

As our conversation was coming to a close she asked me what made me call Graceful Adoptions?  I replied, “the name is what caught my attention.” She explained that her adopted daughter’s name is Grace and the agency is named to honor her and her birth mother. She was an adoptive mother!  She honored her daughter’s birth mother. I knew there was something different about this agency.

This was personal to her. A new friendship had begun!

Time came to pick a family. I had provided a list of everything that was important to me in adoptive parents. Based on that list, I was presented with four profiles of possible adoptive parents. I was surprised how well Graceful Adoptions knew me and “got” what I wanted. I really liked two of the four families and decided to interview both. I was a bit nervous but Graceful Adoptions’ staff (who were just as sweet as the owner) were there the whole time.

One family was perfect. A couple of weeks later they came to visit me. We had dinner together. We went to a movie. We stayed up late talking. It was unbelievable how well we “fit” together.   Leslie and Jerry would be my son’s parents. There was no doubt in my mind.

As the due date got closer I thought I would be nervous and anxious. I wasn’t. I knew that I was meant to cross paths with Leslie and Jerry. They would be great parents.

They traveled to be with me for my last doctor’s appointment before my due date. We spent the weekend together hiking, going on picnics, sharing meals. We had a great time. I refused to slow down, I was so happy with my decision and the fact they were with me I had so much energy.  Honestly it was making Leslie a little nervous. She’s an Ob/Gyn.

Leslie was in the delivery room with me when I pushed. She was there to hold my hand and I had asked that she cut the baby’s cord. We spent several more wonderful days together before we all left the hospital.

Going into the adoption process I felt alone and scared – especially after talking with other adoption agencies. With Graceful Adoptions my experience was better than I could have asked for! With Graceful Adoptions, I wasn’t alone.

Lydia D.
San Antonio, TX