Jennifer's Story

Like so many women who make the decision to place their child for adoption, it wasn’t something I “wanted” to do. It was the best option given my choices. Parent?
Abortion? Placing with a friend? Adoption? My mother was adopted and was the one who encouraged me to consider adoption. She grew up with a great family and wouldn’t have traded her life for anything.

It was my own fears and sadness that I had to set aside to do what was in my child’s best interest. And that was adoption.

I had just gotten out of an unhealthy relationship. I did not have a job or a car and was living with my father with my oldest son. I have another son who is living with my mother. I absolutely could not parent this child while my youngest son was still living with my mother and stepfather. It would not be fair to him. Even though I knew what I needed to do, it only got easier once I started working with Graceful Adoptions.

From the first time I talked to the Graceful Adoptions’ team, I knew I would work with them. The communications and connection were instant. They asked about me and listened. There was no judgement, no shaming, no surprises. Just real and accepting people. Their process was about me, not them, and not the adoptive parents. Over time, they built a relationship with my children and my mother. I knew I could reach out anytime and they would still be there. Months later, we still talk.

And, the adoptive parents? They are perfect! During the process, Graceful Adoptions’ staff asked what I wanted in adoptive parents, and what kind of relationship I wanted with the adoptive parents and my child following the adoption. I did not know that I would get to make these decisions, and I didn’t believe I would find what I really wanted. I sent the family profiles I received to my mom, my best friend, my oldest son, and several other people in my life. We all selected the exact same family! It just got better from there. When we met in person, it was like we had known each other a lifetime. At the hospital, the staff was surprised to find out that we had only known each other for a short period of time. We were already family. Graceful Adoptions did listen to what I wanted.

Leaving the hospital without my son was the hardest part. Ultimately, I know he has a better life than I could have provided. I don’t have to worry about his overall well-being. I don’t have to doubt the love that the adoptive parents have for him. He will have everything I want for him and so much more. He is doing so well and is so loved. Even though my son was the one adopted, we all gained a new family that I will be forever grateful for because of Graceful Adoptions.

Jennifer P.
Detroit, MI