Brianna's Story

My name is Brianna.  I recently placed my three-year-old daughter for adoption.  It was a decision that I considered for a long time.  Although it was hard, it was the right decision for my daughter.

You see, I am 22 years old, trying to work, going to school, and supporting my family  – paying the rent, food, car payment, etc.  I was in a “catch 22 situation.”  I was doing all these things to provide a better life, but the time and cost of babysitters became a problem.

I had talked to two different adoption agencies the year before.  Neither felt right.  I felt more like a number to them, and that they just wanted to take my child.

The whole experience with Graceful Adoptions was different. I really couldn’t have asked for anything better.

The Graceful Adoptions’ team walked along side of me the entire process, and were absolutely hands-on.  They provided profiles of families who matched what I was looking for.  They helped me come up with questions to ask the adoptive parents when I interviewed them. Graceful Adoptions’ team helped me plan what we would do when they came to visit us, and they orchestrated the week-long transition we went through to make sure my daughter was comfortable with the adoptive parents.

Graceful Adoptions seemed to have a higher quality of adoptive parents.  The agency doesn’t approve just any family who applies and it shows.  The adoptive parents genuinely cared about me, about the process we would work through, and about my daughter.  They are amazing, open, and kind people. I know that I will remain in their life and they will provide a wonderful life for my daughter.

Anyone considering adoption should contact Graceful Adoptions.  The team was responsive, caring, involved, and focused on me and my daughter.  Most of all, they go above and beyond to work with some of the best adoptive parents out there!

Detroit, MI