Briana's Story

When I found out I was pregnant I was devastated, terrified and completely overwhelmed. I knew at such a young age I wouldn’t be able to give my child the life I wanted for him, and I wanted to finish high school. Although it seemed like everyone wanted me to get an abortion, I knew this was not a decision I could make. I knew there was someone out there who wanted a baby who couldn’t have a child. I wanted to give a couple the chance to be parents.

I knew this decision would be hard on me, but I soon found out just how difficult it would be to stand by my beliefs. My mother was extremely upset that I didn’t want an abortion and as a result she kicked me out of our home. She also contacted my school to inform them that I had moved out of the school district, thus I couldn’t return to the school where my friends and my “world” were.  I felt isolated and alone.

Once I contacted Graceful Adoptions, this all changed. The Graceful Adoptions’ staff were there for me when I needed them most. When I asked a question, they answered it. They asked questions I wanted to ask before I even knew what to ask. When I didn’t know the answer to a question, they didn’t force an answer on me or hurry me to come up with one. They waited patiently until I had the answer that was right for me. The Graceful Adoptions team grew to know me so well that they helped me get exactly what I wanted, even when I didn’t know the right words to describe what I wanted.

Graceful Adoptions’ support didn’t start and stop with the adoption plan. When the new school term started my dad and I were a little confused about where I should attend. Sure, there was a local school where my dad lived, but I didn’t want to start at a new school pregnant. Like so many other times, I called Karen, the Founder of Graceful Adoptions. She researched school options, called the district office, and, with my dad’s help, we made arrangements for me to attend an on-line school that met only a couple evenings a week.

I spent countless hours with my dad and my grandmother, where I was now staying. Their unconditional love and support never wavered. Being “banished” to his house was difficult, however, we became even closer than we were previously.

While I didn’t know it, my time with him would be limited.

The time came to pick a family. I looked at four family profiles and interviewed two of them on the phone. One really stuck out as being more of a fit, they were perfect. They interacted with love and flawlessly finished each other’s sentences. When I met them in person, they seemed so connected to each other. They were what you dream all parents are like. Their warmth and acceptance made me feel like I was part of their family. In the two years since I placed my son with them, this hasn’t changed.  They are open and loving. That’s just who they are. They were, and still are, exactly what I want for my son.

Originally, I wanted a closed relationship because I thought it was going to be painful if I received updates. However, after I met the adoptive parents the first time we just stayed in touch. We met prior to the birth, we spent time together in the hospital and since the birth we have seen each other and stay connected. I see my son happy and know he is safe. It helps me know I made the right decision.

I’ve grown a lot in the last two years. I thought I wanted people to treat me like an adult, but now I realize that isn’t what I wanted at all. I just wanted a chance to be a kid, and because I made the decision to place my child for adoption, I’ve had that chance. I graduated from high school a few months ago and hope to go to college one day. My father and grandmother continued to provide unwavering love and support throughout the process. My father attended graduation and 2 weeks later he passed away unexpectedly. I miss him so much, but I have peace knowing he is so proud of me and for the decisions I made.

Anyone considering adoption should work with Graceful Adoptions. If there is any time to be selective about the choices you make, this is it. Your child’s life depends on it. My child’s life did!

Briana B.
Birmingham, Alabama